Thru File Transfer Solutions

Key Functionality

  • New! Side Panel Integration

  • Send Unlimited Size Files

  • Unburden your Exchange Server

  • Protect Corporate Data

  • Manage your File System

  • Track and View All Downloads

  • Instant Notifications

  • Comprehensive Audit

Secure File Transfer

Thru secures corporate data in transfer and at rest with much more than just encryption. File transfers are protected by multiple features which can be locked down from a policy perspective or adjusted by the end user as necessary.

FTP Alternative

Thru allows you to retire FTP servers and do away with unattractive and difficult to use interfaces. Our network ensures that no matter where your customers and partners are located, uploads and downloads are fast and secure. This cost effective solution is a convenient means for you and your customers to rapidly and securely access files or folders from anywhere in the world.

Mobile File Sharing and Collaboration

An increasing number of knowledge workers access, use, and create data outside of the office. Although this mobile data should be protected just as rigorously as other data, that is often not the case. Thru provides a secure yet easy to use solution to lock down data and enable mobile business.

Programmatic File Transfer

No data lives on an island. Much efficiency can be realized in making these files available across different applications. Thru can act as a back-end platform to enable secure, programmatic transfers of files or folders of any size and file type.

Software Delivery and Support

Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) need a robust solution to rapidly and reliably transfer software to a global customer base. Additionally, ISVs must enable customer support to efficiently exchange extremely large databases files with customers, as well as deliver patches and software updates. Thru, as an expert in this space, delivers files every day for some of the largest ISVs in the worldThru Global Network enables rapid uploads and downloads from anywhere in the world.