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Enterprise software

Pragmalinq software experts and consultans offer professional software solutions for enterprise firms. With speciality, experience and prouding needed solutions for its customers, the company has gained its part in the market. Incorparating experience and well-trained staff(which is the prime sign of quality) in software, our company manages to provide economical solutions in the competitive market.

Software development
and supporting

Pragmalinq is a `solution oriented` company creating solutions of high quality by becoming integrated with changes of the market and has been following the advancements in the information technologies sector closely. By utilizing innovative technologies which suit your needs the most and offering innovative solutions, it enables you to gain competitive advantage and improve your business efficiency and profitableness.

Information technologies consultancy

Pragmalinq comprises a well-trained staff: Each member is experted in up-to dateinformation and skills and capable of integrating both practice and theory, have domestic and foreign studies and has been accepted as professional references different fields.

Our Services

SharePoint is a server based workflow management application. This application enables documents- , records- and web content-management, collaboration between companies and enables business processes to progress as much electronically as possible. Companies are enabled to present their business intelligence solutions as integrated with SharePoint thanks to the property of SharePoint that it can smoothly cooperate with Microsoft Business Intelligence. Pragmalinq provides a wide range of services including key-ready projects, consultancy and outsourcing for Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007 and/or Microsoft SharePoint 2010 while also organizing institutional and individual training sessions for SharePoint. We provide services of the highest quality by employing experienced and leading names in Turkey.
As Pragmalinq Software and Consultancy, we apply our solutions, which are capable of fulfilling our customers' needs of any kind, on several platforms with our experienced staff in information technologies. "Quality and reliability" is the very first priority of us on the mobile platform for which we also provide training and consultancy services.
Pragmalinq software company, simplifying processes to adapt to developments in competition strategies for infrastructure created by new technology and with the architecture of the opinion may be. For this reason, all the needs of companies meet the needs of our customers a wide range of platforms offers a wide range of software solutions.